Saturday, 9 June 2007

Nazcar Ode to the Dead

Tonight I´m in Arequipa, second largest city in Peru at foot in the Andeas.

Yesterday before leaving Nazcar we went into the Dessert to see some mummies and burial grounds. When I have a chance I may post photos, but not sure.

I felt un easy with us walking around what I felt such a sacred ground where those before had taken care to bury their loved ones and we were walking around and taking photos and looking at these mummies. On the overnight bus to Arequipa last night I penned the following words in my response

Surrounded by beauty death surrounds
Babies hands, the long hair demands
The mountains know the truth
Dignity to the dead. What would they think? What do they think?
We walk casually around the path, and stand under the shadows of the dead.
Is this sacrelidge or is it necessity?
Photos indiscriminate, Mother, Father, Son and Female child
Bones of love trampled with memories under foot.
Taxis stir up dirt and sells the skirt
Rest my friend, rest in peace. Rest under the shadows of the Haphazidness
May the mountains sing, sing a song a song of hope
Rest and rise to knew birth as hope and life is born to the earth.

Alas, I must sleep, big day tomorrow with much walking as we head into the Colca Canyon.

Peace to you all! And peace to Hunter and North coast with such bad weather.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Off to Nazcar via Ica

5km of Ica is two tiny oasis´s in the desert surrounded by huge sand dunes. Sand duning and sand boarding was the order of the day before lunch. ¨Holy Shit¨I screamed as we got to the top of one particular sand dune and didn´t stop but straight over, it was a very very very large drop!

So after about 2 hours driving in desert we arrive in Nazca. Although the buildings in Peru at times look dirty and falling apart. From the streat leavel often are painted on fronts and in side often quite clean. I´m finding Peru very clean so far compared with Egypt which was very dirty. They have street cleaners here which helps.

After dinner my roommate Simon and I heard music, we were not tired decided to check out where the music was coming from. We ended up finding some young guy´s playing music, they invited us inside. I grabbed the bongos and joined in. I just love that sort of random stuff.

Pisco and Boat to Ballestas Island

On drive to Pisco from Lima there was heaps of houses that looked like these
About 45min speed boat ride to Ballestas Island. I saw four main species. My favorite was the Sea Lions, but the pengiuns were cute. Layers of sunbaked nitrogen rich guano (bird shit) is exported as fertilizer.

Sea Guls, nicer looking than ours, but a sea gul is a sea gul. We had to cover up as they were shitting everwhere. Lucky none got me!

Oh, how cute!

She woke up daddy

How tiresome, when will these people leave me to sleep.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Pisco tour day 2

Tour group great. 11 + leader. Most aged 25-35. Only 2 couples. Will be a good group.
Today left Lima for Pisco. 4 hour bus trip along coast line. Amazing desert right on coast line. Mix of nothing but sand which almost looks like dirt and unfinished ´houses´ and very poor looking. Tomorrow morning up early, boat trip out to Balaers Island, kind of nick named the Galapagos of Peru. Lot´s of cool creatures apparently. Thanks to those adding comments to the blog!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Lima Day 1

Sunday in Lima was relaxed but lot's of people out and about. Markets in the street and people congregating in various public spaces. Many just sitting talking, some looking onto performances and a few streeet preachers holding big black bibles. Nice change to consumer shopping in OZ. Chess is quite popular, there is public tables setup. Last night there was about 20 people all gathered playing at 2am, mostly men but 1 woman. As i walked around today I passed many Churches, most full and sweet music.

On every corner you find drinks and snack carts a bit like in Egypt, never too far to walk for coke and chocolate. But there is also heaps of religious stuff like statues and pictures of Jesus and Mary, candles and insense, all in a particular artistic style that does nothing for me Seriously it's like $2 shops, they are everywhere. How many statues does one need? Maybe they are like garden knomes here?
They've got some pretty cool buses. But mostly there is lot's of mini buses running around. I managed to get to the city centre about 5 kms away, however coming home in dark after not so lucky. I walked 30mins thinking I was going back to bus stop I'd got off but I ended back at the public square, I'd just walked a full circle grr ... taxi home.

Lima is surrounded by Mountains. Below those houses on the hill are what looks like very run down houses if you call them that. I assume the very poor live on that side of the river.

Lima is on the coast, about 15 min walk I found Pacific ocean and a shopping centre built into the cliffs

I braved local food for lunch, was egg, steak, chips and rice and a pink Banana. Pink! yes, how it got that colour I don't know. But it was the best part. However dinner was yummy. Green rice with peas, corn, spices and chicken breast (whole). National alcholic drink is Pisco Sour, lemon drink like margaritta but sweeter and actually nice. Apparently Chilie claim it as their's so there is contention.
When the driver drove me from Airport he said "This is where all the best people live" talking about where I was staying. I've been thinking about that comment heaps today, did he really mean that. Like the rich are better people because of their financial status. Was he looking up or down at the those better people? Don't know but I believe we are all equal due to our shared humanity.
Bed time, tomorrow night I meet my tour group, cool!

In Lima but Can't sleep

Well I made it safe and happy about 11.30pm Sat Night. My driver drove casual 60km for the 30min into Lima from Airport telling me all about Peru.

Why on earth am I thinking "Mercy" French and not "Gracius" Spanish give me a few days and I'll get the hang of the language. I almost ordered Heart instead of Steak, oops.

So it appears I've somehow booked myself into a 4 start hotel right in the heart of Lima for my pre tour 2 nights and right next to a Jazz club, how's that! Shame at 2am when I walked in there I was only able to catch the last song but a good one.

So I've got 2 days to rest and explore before my tour. Soon i'll be able to start adding photos and I ask you now to forgive my spelling, grammer and language.

Now I'm tired, night night.

Airport Lounge

If your ever in Santiago, Chile for 7.5 hour stopover, I recommend the $25usd Airport lounge. Free Shower! Alcohol and snacks both of which are very useful along with the comfy lounges which i re-arranged as a bed. It´s 6.30pm, my flight is 8pm then 3.45hrs to Lima, Peru.
It´s a little difficult to user the computer that´s in spanish, can´t find the @ key had to copy paste.


Syd airport on plane. An Asian looking woman with what looks only a boy in early teens. Whats odd about that? He's dressed in a suit like hotel concierge ... strange.
For mr organised
Forgot foreign exchane
Forgot TRS to get tax refund
Forgot not to get seat at rear of plane.
2 stops now this plane goes via Auckland.
Oh well.