Sunday, 21 September 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home safely in Newcastle
The warm weather seems to have followed me home.
My time on keiths and stellas property near Alice was awesome, a magnificent spot a near Mcdonald Ranges.
Final reflection
i sit in my favourite cafe in newcastle the estabar overlooking the beach.
i am rich on many levels in my life and being able to travell is both privileged blessing and possably a unessecary decadence that avails a minority.
australia is huge and diverse that leaves me asking 'is this really one country?'
i didn't experience aboriginal people first hand really in any more ways than i do walking past some in urban streets, as i had hoped but appreciate the beuty and complex culture that once was, far more and am moved at the tragedy of white settlement on this great land and the effect on it's first peoples.
as i sat on the train home over hearing a coversation of two young girls prob only 15, one of who was sure the other was pregnant and talking so knowledgeable of the situation you would think she was 40 and had 6 of her own .... what does her future hold?
Life is complicated filled with much joy and pain for all. My own issues of 'who am i' seem inconsequential and think my journey of recent years has taken me to a place of selfishness with more real practical concen for myself than others, so i feel possibly begins the journey towards others once again but with a different perspective.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


EarIy rise after overnight sleep in swag (ok but prefer tent) near uluru
3 Hour amazing walk around the olgas.
Tonight bush camping on kings station cattle property, tomorrow kings kanyon.


This morning 3hr walk kings canyon ... i lost my group ... good one :)
heading back to Alice for few days rest.
really like this blogging from my mobile, easy.

Monday, 15 September 2008

outback begins

day 1 heading to ularu
beutiful country - red dirt and mountains
good tour group, young and international, about 12, Comfy 4wd bus thing.
reckon will be beut 3 days.


uIaru is just stunning
walked around then cheese and champagne
tonight sleep under full moon in swag

Sunday, 14 September 2008

not much

tarred single laned hwy
many trees
some rocks
occasional mountains in distance
powerlines - metal power polls
telstra underground lines
some fences
few animals - handful cows (braman) & horses
few discernable farms
not much else

How ironic

turns out train left darwin late :) i could have caught it, anyway am now on it at katherine. but they removed the lounge car a few weeks ago :( train station a tin shed in middle of nowhere
i liked katherine. more like what i was expecting of nt.
not sure how won tidy town 2002, dirty main st.
hot and many Aboriginals sitting under trees, they are the smart ones.


forgot to mention from tuesday. highly recommend self filing of your own teeth. one standard emery board works the treat for a broken tooth, takes the rough edges away.
i will have to find a dentist when i get home.

ghan red

i woke in time for glorious sun rise
trees are small but many, but the dirt is the most wonderful red.
as when i was little boy still love train very relaxing. ghan is pretty aged, but enjoyed some late night drinks & cards overnight.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

oh i'm a cleaver little dick

the ghan departs 9am not 11.15am. the 11.15 is when it gets to alice tomorrow. i realised this 8.10am this morning ... Missed it ... bugger!
so now the adventure begins, will the greyhound run fast enough to get me to katherine to check in and board train, fingers crossed.

darwin friday night

greedy stout @ happy yass
pretty good local irish punk band, great venue
i wish i could release my inner child and behave like a fucking fool!

Friday, 12 September 2008


my words as traveled through kakadu nature & rock art the other day
diverse simplicity
today looking at aboriginal art art
simple complexity
but also
mysterious complexity
i know so little.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Swimming & lunch at Gunlom on wed

in kakadu
then switched groups. I am only doing 3 day. better group.
today thursday all day litchfield n.p. fab day swimming @ waterfalls.m
heading back to Darwin now

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ubirr @ kakadu

sending from my phone to see if works hopefully photos will work if no will fix when get back to darwin.
views amazing you feel something good, rock art interesting some painted by mimis (spiritual beings).
tour group ok mostly older, more time for contemplation as some struggle up rocks :)

so it began, aircon and comfy

Monday, 8 September 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to the N.T I go

This year I'm staying in OZ, i'm off to see that big Rock at the centre of our great land.

Monday 8th Sep - Fly to Darwin
Tuesday 9th Sep - Thurs 11th - 3 day Kakadu & Litchfield Camping Safari with Connections Travel
Friday 12th - Rest day in Darwin - Stay at Youth Shack Hostel
Saturday 13th - Overnight Ghan Train to Alice Springs via Katherine
Sunday 14th - Alice Springs
Monday 15th - Wed 17th - 3 day 4WD Safari (Uluru, Kings Canyon) with Wayoutback Desert Safaris
Wednesday 17th - Alice Springs - Toddy's Restort Hostel
Thurs 18th - Sat 20th - Alice Springs with Keith & Stella
Saturday 20th. Fly home

I hope to post some pics and details of my travels as I go, that's the intention anyway.