Sunday, 21 September 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home safely in Newcastle
The warm weather seems to have followed me home.
My time on keiths and stellas property near Alice was awesome, a magnificent spot a near Mcdonald Ranges.
Final reflection
i sit in my favourite cafe in newcastle the estabar overlooking the beach.
i am rich on many levels in my life and being able to travell is both privileged blessing and possably a unessecary decadence that avails a minority.
australia is huge and diverse that leaves me asking 'is this really one country?'
i didn't experience aboriginal people first hand really in any more ways than i do walking past some in urban streets, as i had hoped but appreciate the beuty and complex culture that once was, far more and am moved at the tragedy of white settlement on this great land and the effect on it's first peoples.
as i sat on the train home over hearing a coversation of two young girls prob only 15, one of who was sure the other was pregnant and talking so knowledgeable of the situation you would think she was 40 and had 6 of her own .... what does her future hold?
Life is complicated filled with much joy and pain for all. My own issues of 'who am i' seem inconsequential and think my journey of recent years has taken me to a place of selfishness with more real practical concen for myself than others, so i feel possibly begins the journey towards others once again but with a different perspective.