Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hoi An

And it came to pass on the eleventh day of my journey and one night in Hoi An, that the the windows of heaven were opened and the waters began to rise and flood the earth.

This time I sit typing watching terential rain. My two days in Hoi An, although delightful have been very wet. I'm told it floods each year at this time. I will move on tonight taking the sleeping train to Nha Thrang, a beach town where I plan to spend a few days.

Hoi An is a much more peaceful city than Hue, I've not had to think "fcuk off and leave me alone once" here. The people accept two no's and leave you to go on your way. I've had the most amazing time here. On my first night here I was walking along the waterfront, full of many cafes, lanterns and piped music, it's all very romantic. As I came near to one end I spotted an old man sitting in his House \ Galery playing the guitar. He invited me in and so began two very cool evenings. He turned out to be a musician and also artist (Painter). He and his friends spoke very little english but we all share a love of music and wiskey. So we'd pass the guitar around and sing a little each and drank and smoked into the night. I partook of some kind of "wiskey" that had what looked like worms in the bottom on the first night, wasn't bad although looked gross. On the following evening I returned at 7pm as agreed (this time with a bottle of Johnny, the worms just arn't my thing) and met more of his friends, sang, drank and ate local food. Today I when I went back to collect my painting it turned into more of the same with him and his girl friend, listening to Jazz and watching the river rise in this rain. All very cool!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Halong Bay

I sit in a Hanoi hostel internet cafe with sweat dripping off me, but wow, it's day 6 and I really love Vietnam. So far I've just been relaxing, taking in the sights, sounds and heat.  At this stage I'm not really interested too much in markets, museums or tourist sites "You must see". I'm just deciding what I feel like each day.
My flight was good. I saw a great movie "Chalo Dilli". Great QuoteI'm proud of myself that I was able to keep taxi drivers away from me by waiting about an hour so that I was able to catch the airport mini bus into town with the locals. Cost me about $1.50.
I love the food, not sure why I've previously hated Vietnamese because cause the stuff hear is great, especially the Pho (Noodle Soup) on the street corners (Gill you will smile). Costs me about $1.50 and tastes amazing. The massages are pretty awesome also :)
I did a 3 day 2 night tour to Halong Bay spending two nights on a Junk Boat. As you can see from the pictures it's just beutiful. We went swimming and also canoed through caves and tunnells.

Words to describe thus far:
  • Overcast \ Smog \ Misty \ Humid
  • Peaceful \ Calm yet there is a Buzz. No where buzy or frantic as I'd expected. Roads are calm compared to Cairo.
  • Clean. The people and towns seem very clean. Not smelly. Of course clean is a relative term.
  • Bloody humid! Thankfull rooms in Hostels and Hotels are Airconditioned.
I was going to Sapa but decided against, I'll now head south. I'm ready for some beach time. I'll probably head to Hue tomorrow night.