Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Don't seem to have left Battambung yet

Just a quick note to all those family and friends I miss back home, to say I'm still alive and enjoying myself. I've been a little lazy in updating, more photos but will some time soon.

For now I seem to have just settled into Battambung and haven't yet left for Siam Reap. I've been enjoying the local country side, temples, staff at hotel and cafe across road trying to Learn Khmer language (what they speak here in Cambodia). Hanging out at "my local" chatting with the cute guys who work there, visiting temples, private meditation and also went to church with a local guy who's dad is the Pastor, drinking too much beer and giving away too much money, dancing at the local disco and talking with Monks. Today I'm off to do a home stay in a village and volunteer English teaching at an orphanage. May be a day may be a week, we'll see. I just love waking up each day and deciding what I'll do each day.

I'll upload photos when I get a chance, here very slow internet.

Monk Dog

My Local "Madison Corner"

The Crew at my Local