Saturday, 5 November 2011

Siem Reap

So the boat trip from Battambang to Siam Reap wasn't all tears. A soothing balm was applied to my  soul on the boat trip as I chatted to these two cute friendly Spanish brothers.

A whole floating village, including a Brick Pagoda \ Temple. I just don't get it!

Time for some comfort at Golden Banana Hotel for the weekend.
I really like my comforts. So found the Siam Reap Hostel also had a nice pool. But a lot cheaper and this time Dorm rooms.
After a weekend of fun and relaxing it was time to see the temples. My first day of temples I did a mountain bike tour rather than Tuk Tuk. Friends had told me you'll need 1 week. 2 days was enough for me.

I just couldn't resist this kid. How could I say no to that face. Yes I'll buy your post card. Arrr
Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom was my favorite temple. It had been invaded by the Forrest, full of moss and trees. A reminder that nature is a powerful force and has the final say over Humanity. Also where Tomb Raider was filmed.

Nice Ass! Temple Porn :)
In the evenings I gave fish massage a go. I didn't like it at all. I squealed like a little girl.
Local Food

Night Out on the town
For my final two days. I went and Volunteered helping teach English at a local NGO School called SOID (Supporting Orphans and Indigent People of Cambodia for Development Organisation). I'd recommend you supporting them refer web site

They really need to keep the support flowing, their resources are limited and basic.

My friendly Tuk Tuk Driver Mr David