Saturday, 19 November 2011

2 Day Elephant Mahout Experience


Mahout Training

1 Hour Ride through the river, the next morning we would wash them.

Afternoon Boat trip to Tad Sao waterfall. Just stunning, cascades

7.30am Elephant Washing

Tonight I'm back in Luang Prabang for one final day.
Sunday I fly to Thailand to spend some time down South on a beach before going home early December.

3 Day Jungle Trek and Village Homestay

We began with several Hours along dirt road in the back of a truck. We would walk about 3 - 5 hours each day. We would goto 3 Villages and stay at 2. Including Mong and Kmot peoples. Lon Sao, Long Neat and Gara Kong. It was a small tour group with just 4 of us including our Guide. 

Quickly, he said he loves Bacon!

And the water just kept flowing and flowing

Did you know blacksmiths still exist. He was making a knife!

Loading Rice into the car to take to market.

First night homestay family.

Lao people are very shy. Especially in the remote villages.
Foreigners have only been coming for the past  two years.

Out of my way, I'm late for school and you look very scary.

We walked and walked and kept walking for 3 days.
Mountains, Plains, Forest and along Creeks.

Some kind of animal made this

Many Spiders, some very large

Can you believe that I grew up on a Farm.

Home safe and sound, but in need of shave and warm shower.

Around Luang Prabang

Mekong River

Monkey Monk in Temple at Wiskey Village on the way to visit a  Cave Temple
I'm helping Mummy with the Groceries

Beutiful Mosaics on the Temples in Laos. Similar to Vietnam

Swimming at Waterfall
Just Weird.
At the waterfall there was a shop that would take your photo and print it.
They had samples hanging around the umbrella.
Very strange choice of example!