Monday, 5 December 2011


Thailand was a real mix for me. I arrived kind of ready to go home as I'd been away almost 3 months. As it turned out it was a nice time and glad I stayed.

My week or so at a secluded beach on Koh Pha Ngan Island at The Sanctuary Restort, Spa, Detox Center was a little expensive but quite providential. They had great Vegetarian food restaurant, Yoga, Mediation, Workshops and various Healer Types; including Ayurveda, Astrology, Emotional Release \ Re birthing and Shamanic Journeys. Some of which I took part in. It was a great time to begin reflecting on my future upon return to Australia and the past 3 months travelling. I chose the basic accommodation which was a lovely jungle bungalow on the hill which I could see the ocean from my bed and also my shower.

From the Mountain

In front of Restaurant

Restaurant and Hammocks Right on Beach

My Jungle Bungelow

I had a shower and toilet!

From inside bungalow
After Koh Pha Ngan I spent a day travelling by boat and bus to Patong, Phuket where I would spent my final 5 days before flying home to Australia on Monday 5th a week early. Initially I was overwhealmed as it felt very it was too busy and in your face "sexy" beach city. Think a mix of Gold Coast, Kings Cross and Oxford Street all in one. After 2 days and finding a new quiet hotel and getting my bearings and head around how things worked I was okay and enjoyed my time there meeting some nice people, doing a Day trip boat trip to James Bond island and seeing the Simon Cabaret Show.

James Bond Island

Where else other than Thailand would you get a Lady Boy show on Sunday afternoon Family Boat trip! The facial expressions on some of the parents was that of Horror, the little baby just smiled and clapped along :)
The Simon Lady Boy Cabaret was cleaver with beautiful people and costumes. I'm not much into Drag Shows though. I would have preferred a story line and if they sang for real rather than lip synced the songs. Surely if a boy can grow a good set of tits he could learn to sing :)

Next stop home in Australia.